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Rally Cap's rehabs offer the character and charm of an old home, with the modern conveniences and upgrades of a fresh remodel. Together with Gina Swanson Real Estate, we love working directly with awesome buyers to create a customized rehab experience. Learn more in the videos below, or contact us so we can start creating your dream home today.



Restoring Homes.

Pre-sale Testimonial

When we first met Nick & Lauren, they didn't think their vision of a perfect starter home existed. Luckily, we had just begun restoration of a beautiful Craftsman farmhouse in their target neighborhood. See how we collaborated to turn their dream into reality.

Revitalizing Communities.

Housewarming Party @915

One of our favorite parts of each project is engaging with the local communities. We've seen firsthand the impact that a single rehab can make in a neighborhood, and are proud of the work we're doing. Check out our latest celebration here, or say hi at an upcoming event.